Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cocktail Wednesday

I got to pick the cocktail this week .. so I went with a Cucumber Cosmopolitan. A friend of mine mentioned that she had one and liked it so I thought it might be worth trying -- defintely more so than my coffee fiasco.  
I got the recipe from here.  The ingredients were, gin, triple sec, cucumber water (see the bowl on the left), cucumber spears, lime juice, white cranberry juice, and ice.


A great summer cocktail (let's not remember that it's the dead of winter here in California) -- though it's been warm lately so a summery drink was not so bad.

This was not my favorite drink but I would probably have one if offered.  My favorite so far was the cranberry/vodka in December.  That one ranked a 5 (out of 5) for me.  This is probably a 3.5.


Shay said...

It was quite refreshing for a Summer cocktail though ...I love your photos - much better than mine...what did everyone else at your place think of it?

Marg said...

I'm going to make it this weekend when Ii get back home. After reading the comments from Shay's post, I'm substituting normal cranberry juice as I can't find white cranberry anywhere. I think it's going to have a very interesting colour, red and green will probably make it a murky brown.

Kate said...

As I told Shay, I just don't do cucumbers in any form. It looks pretty though.


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