Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Estivant Pines

Another place I've wanted to go in the Copper Country was Estivant Pines.  It was a rainy day, but we decided to take the hike anyway.  Another dirt road but it seemed like it was easier to find -- though there were fewer people there than at Horseshoe Harbor.  Actually, there was no one else at the Estivant Pines, whereas there were two other groups at Horseshoe Harbor.

The path was kind of muddy, except where there was a wooden path ... (or whatever you might call it).

I don't remember which trail we took -- whatever the shortest one was.  Plus one of the ways was a real hike, not just a casual hike which was what we were looking for.

The only wildlife we saw.

Though not necessary on this trail, it was marked with blue diamonds (might be necessary in winter, if it's open in winter?).  It reminded me of a hike on and earlier trip where we followed markings on the trees which led us on a crazy hike.


the map ..

The parking lot ...

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Kate said...

Looks like a fun and pretty place to hike.

Happy Birthday, C.S.!!

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