Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Total Eclipse of the Sun

There was a solar eclipse across the U.S. this past summer on August 21.  We were in Michigan at the time.  We hadn't planned to view it, but the weather, although iffy, was holding up, and the park service was giving away glasses ...

So we went to Quincy Hill in the shadows of the old mine shaft.  We got there, stood in line for our glasses, and then waited.

They have this really cool old train there.  I wished my grandsons had been with us because they could have climbed all over the old train.  They would have loved it.  Usually, when you see an old train like this, you can only look, no climbing.

Building with the mine shaft in the distance ..

Us with our glasses .. too cool.  It was impossible to see with them on so I just had to wing the selfie.

 Pictures of the sun through the glasses.

Very cool, but you can't see the eclipse.  We left there and drove back to the harbor -- we stopped a few places along the way and shared the glasses.  It really was cool to see -- if we'd been where it was 100% we could have taken the glasses off and gotten some great pictures.  Maybe next time.

Another cool thing -- our kids started sending us pictures a couple hours before we saw it so we did the eclipse across the US -- first in California, then Michigan, and finally in Buffalo NY.

Here's a picture of the Quincy Mine Shaft.  My father would know which one ...

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Kate said...

Love your eclipse glasses selfie!

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