Thursday, November 16, 2017

Michigan -- beer and coffee

So, apparently I like dark beer -- though my favorite this summer wasn't the dark one.

First I had the Keweenaw Brewing Company (KBC) Redjacket Amber Ale -- pretty tasty.

Then there was the Brickside Brewery Park Bench Porter -- I think I prefer the KBC.

My favorite beer of the trip was "Walter Get Buzzed" -- a coffee blonde.  I thought I would like a stout or porter best, but this was great.  Unfortunately, only one you can get in Michigan.


That big blast of coffee is amazing!

I tried the Ballast Point, Victory at Sea, thinking I would like it even more -- but the Walter beer was better (which I only tried because of my Uncle Walter).

And then there was the KBC Widow Maker Black Ale -- pretty good, but not quite the coffee, blonde ale.

And a cup of coffee with a heart!  Love it.

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Kate said...

Beers have such interesting names. Looks like you tried some fun ones.

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