Saturday, April 21, 2018

S is for ...

.. Sonic Screwdriver cocktail

(Picture from here)

If you have ever watched Doctor Who, you know that he carries a sonic screwdriver.  There were several options for this drink.  I went for this one.  It actually has two different recipes.  One for the 10th Doctor; one for the 11th.  The picture above is for the 11th Doctor's cocktail. The drinks match the lights of the screwdrivers.

Ingredients (11th Doctor):

• 1 oz Blue Curacao
• 1 oz Vodka
• 6 oz Orange juice

Ingredients (10th Doctor):

• 1 oz Blue Curacao
• 1 oz Citrus Vodka
• Ginger ale

1 comment:

Kate said...

Oooh, pretty! Though drinking something green goes against the grain a bit.

Happy Birthday, C.S.!!

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