Tuesday, April 19, 2011

15 minute challenge - 4/19/11

Another week has gone by.  I feel pretty productive although I've run into some problems.  The prom quilt continues to be a challenge because I am using fabrics other than cotton.  The backing for the purple pinwheels was 42" wide and the quilt top is 42" wide -- which would be perfect except that the selvage (aka selvedge) on the backing fabric is about 1" wide and I don't want it to show.

Tuesday - finish squaring blocks; sewed two rows of blocks
Wednesday - sewed rest of the rows; finished quilt top
Thursday - found prom quilt pieces, sewed some parts together*
Friday - nothing
Saturday - worked on prom quilt
Sunday - nada
Monday - worked on prom quilt; backing for purple pinwheels

These are the pieces I'm putting together for the prom quilt.  It's really quite purple though the pictures make some of the pieces look blue - they are a deep purple.  So far, since I'm taking it slow, it's beginning to come together.  I am using a modification of this pattern for the quilt; I am not totally confident about how it will come together ... if it doesn't work out, I might just bag it and make something else.

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Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

Hey you did good...seems like you got a lot done...I really didn´t do anything this week, but I´ll be off work next week and hope to accomplish something then.

Shay said...

I'm thinking the Prom Quilt is looking great! You did so much better than me in terms of sustained effort this week. I havent totted mine up yet but I sure didnt do 5/7! Well done Thea.

Katie said...

Awesome. You my prom dresses to addtothe collection? One of them grandma made.

Kate said...

Those purples are going to look great with that pattern.

You had a great week, 5 out of 7 is really good, you made a lot of progress.

Marti said...

It looks good to me. I can't imagine making a quilt out of satins. It's hard enough for me to sew big pieces of satin together. That is going to be a beautiful quilt.

P. said...

Love the colors in the prom quilt. Those fabrics look a bit tricky, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed it all turns out for you!


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