Friday, April 15, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

My favorite thing this week is Favourite Things Friday.  I look forward to it every week, and it doesn't disappoint.  I love that some people spell it favourite and others of us spell it favorite, but we know it is the same thing and it's okay that it's spelled different in different parts of the world.

I love that it makes me spend time thinking of things I really like.  What a positive way to spend time -- even though the post is only once a week; I think about it at other times trying to come up with something.

I love seeing all the different things people call their favorites, kitchen gadgets (I'm still thinking about the egg topper), places, people, animals, colors (colours).

I love learning things about my bloggy friends.  I also love learning new things about those I know outside of blogland (okay, so far there's only one of you).

So anyway, check out other favorites at QIMP and jump in so we can all learn about your favorites/favourites too.


Katie said...

I have so many favorite things it's not hard for me however Fridays are crazy for me so sometimes its hard to blog I need to get better at blogging.

Sara said...

Ooh, recursing - did you know, if you type "google" into google you can break the internet? Nah, you can't really, but it's a joke that my entire year 11 InfoTech class went home and tried to pull on our parents one time.

I love liking things. If people thought about all the things they like in a day, even just times they thought to themselves "that's nice" instead of dwelling on all the things that pissed them off or upset them, we'd all be a bit more positive and a bit more upbeat. Thisafternoon, I though about how lovely trees look in autumn, about how nice it is to drive into a sunny patch after going under a cloud, how my laptop being a touchscreen makes it easier for my 8year old sister to use, and how great kangaroo steaks tastes. I'm sure I thought about some things that pissed me off, but I try to not remember them, and anyway, there's so many good things to think about. Facebook on phones, and the existence of an international postage scheme, and the way coke stays fizzy till you open it. My brain is pretty much a running commentary on things that are good, and if FTF is turning your brain into one too, that's great.

Also, I see it's encouraging you to put more "u"s in your words. Hooray for that, too.

Marg said...

I love FTF too it's always interesting and often very entertaining and it is good that it focuses on positive things.
I'm glad you liked the egg topper and that Sara found the video after I had spent ages googling it to even find the name of it let alone a picture or video.

Kathy said...

I love foccusing on things I love too! Plus it is fun to read positve happy posts! My favorite thing right now is looking at my daughter who just walked into my room with a big hat, two crowns and her brothers costume for his "Greek God" project! She is a hoot! Happy Friday, thank you for always writing such lovely comments on my posts!

Shay said...

I love all the things you love about Fridays too. It's so cool to see what people will come up with and it's great to think about things that give us a thrill instead of focussing on things that bring us down.

Oh and I love that FTf is actually one of your Favourites.

(Wouldnt it be easier if we all spelled the same? - I vote America changes the way it spells since you guys appear to be doing it wrong )

Kate said...

FTF is always a highlight of my week. It's fun to come home on Friday from work and check out what everyone posted as their favorite thing.

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