Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter with the Wagners

We spent Easter afternoon at Michaels.. lots of good food, of course, no pictures .. and swimming!  Here are some pics.

Skyping with Aunt Kelly in the Dominican Republic. 

Grandma & Andrew

Mikey's picture of Uncle Mark... (see Grandpa in the background)

Mikey's 2nd picture of Uncle Mark (with a little help)

In the pool!

On the slide

Baby's turn

there's a video of the boys in the pool on my picasa pictures .. I'll also upload the video to facebook.

And today I got these two Easter Penguins from Anna & Katie .. and their penguin adventure continues. Check out their other penguin adventures here.


Katie said...

you took all of 5 photos that's more than most people. Jono really spurs the picture taking around here lately - me I just break out my iPhone

thea said...

Actually, if you click on on the "pictures?" link on my side bar you can see all of the other pics in picasa ..

Shay said...

Your Easter looks like so much fun. The picture of you and Andrew makes you look about 35 years old. I think I hate you!

I LOVED Katie's penguin idea. Genius!


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