Monday, April 4, 2011

She's back .. sort of

I wanted to participate in the A to Z challenge and write 26 posts this month from A to Z.  I even came up with a topic for today -- California -- but decided that it just didn't sound like me.  I could talk about cats, or Costco, or California, but that's not really what I do (or how I roll).  It needs to be something that's going on in my day that happens to start with the letter of the day.  If today had been "R" I could have talked about how my sewing machine has been repaired; or if "P" how I am putting off picking it up; or if "F" how I am frustrated that I wasted my evening watching TV and playing stupid computer games or a failure with the 15 minute challenge this week.  Anyway, I'm going to call today's use of the letter C a bust.  Maybe tomorrow I'll be able to come up with a D post, but if not, that's okay.

As I noted my sewing machine in ready.  I'll pick her up tomorrow night and get back on track.  Looking forward to that. 


Shay said...

Well I'm glad she's ready to be picked up!

I think if you feel obligated to blog it takes all the fun out of it-good on you for being clear about being OK with not trying to do something if you dont feel like it! So many of our actions are because we "think we should".

Sara said...

Challenge - challenge started with "C" - you had a challenge catastrophe when you said by bye to your bernina.


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