Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Disastrous .. 15 minute challenge - 4/5/11

This week's progress ... is disastrous (probably a little over dramatic, but it starts with a "D").

Tuesday - made one pinwheel block; sewed 12 blocks together for 24 HSTs (one hour)
Wednesday - two pinwheel blocks (one hour)

Thursday - no sewing
Friday - no sewing
Saturday - took the sewing machine to the shop - no sewing
Sunday - no sewing
Monday - no sewing

So this week I am 2 for 7.  I sewed 28% of the nights.  I'm batting .285 and that's not even a good average in baseball this early in the season.

This week should improve.  At least I hope so.  You can see how other quilters are doing on the 15-minute challenge here.


Shay said...

Well I guess not having a sewing machine didnt help the percentages!

Katie said...

I think it's a "development" not a disaster. I didn't finish one block this weekend.

Kate said...

Love your purple pinwheels, they look fun!

Two nights is better than no nights. Some weeks just go that way.

Sara said...

It's Disheartening that sending off your machine for a service can have such a Destructive effect on your sewing progress. Makes me Disinclined to send mine in for a service, even though I know that it's past Due.

Elly said...

Even if you didn't get to sew much, when you do get to the end it'll be a gorgeous quilt - look at those pinwheels! :)

P. said...

Bummer that your machine had to go in for a checkup. I bet when you get it back, you'll really make up for lost time. Your blocks are looking great!


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