Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bye Bye Bernina

I took my Bernina to the shop.  the tension had been really off and it was getting so that I was not happy with the way the stitching was looking.  It is a wonderful machine and I love using it.  I don't know when she will be ready but I will miss her until she's back.  She was given to me about a year ago and I just love her :) -- no sewing for me this week. :(

On another note, I completed another item from my list, #12 .  I actually ate two different kinds of ethnic food this week.  On Thursday, I ate Cuban food and today I had Filipino food.  I'm really branching out.  I enjoyed both and would definitely eat both again.

Someone came to look at the house today so we took the devil cat with us when we went out.  We went to a party at the park and then to the flea market.  He did amazingly well.  How funny to be walking around with a cat in a carrier.  (Should have gotten a picture -- next time.)


Shay said...

Hope you get a nibble from the looky loo who came to your house. Actually I hope you get a big bite!

How will you survive a week with no sewing machine? I went two weeks this time last year and it almost killed me! My mother told me she was banning machines at her place for Easter and I told her I wasnt coming if that was true.

Sara said...

My 46 year old elna is due for a service too. Tension is technically fine, except that it's fine at 3 instead of 5, and steadily decreasing. I have two more exactly the same though to use while it's away, thankfully.

I ate Kangaroo this week. I've had it before, but it was ages ago and it was barbequed, and let's be honest, one barbequed meat tastes much the same as all the others - burnt. I don't know that I could count that as an ethnic food, though you probably could :)

Katie said...

Look at you crossing things off


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