Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quilting on My Mind ...

I have a few quilts in the queue, but there are some others that I want to make. (I should have posted this yesterday which was "Q" in the A to Z Challenge and called it "Quilts in the Queue". But I didn't think of it until today.) Anyway, here are the ones on my mind ..

  • a red and white one. Maybe using a log cabin block -- I've never done one of those before but I kinda like them.
  • a black and white one -- no ideas on that yet. I did use black as sashing before and didn't like it very much, but if the fabrics are all black and white, that should be different.
  • a coin quilt
  • a scruffily quilt

and then there are the ones in the queue, that I should at least start on before I start on the ones above ..

  • Purple Pinwheels (basted, just needs to be quilted and bound);
  • The Prom Quilt (lots and lots to do on this one)
  • The Lion Quilt (for Erin's baby, which will be born soon) (I haven't even started it yet) -- this may end up being a Noah's Ark Quilt since I already have some Debby Mumm Noah's Ark fabric
  • The Spiderman Quilt (not even inthe planning stages, just the thinking stage -- probably should have been up above, but I do have some of the fabric already)

Notice how creative the names are. At least I'm starting to name them, perhaps the creativity will come along later. I have to start labeling them too.


Sara said...

I have 4 quilts at the basted stage, but I just haven't been in the mood for quilting lately. I have a big list of all my quilts in progress or planning, but the names of mine are about as creative as yours - there's lots of names involving what colour they are or what fabric they're made from.

Katie said...

I have three in the works myself one which has a finish date of 4/30 so at least I'll finish one soon.


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