Tuesday, November 8, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - 11/8/11

I finally did some sewing this week, hooray!!

Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing
Friday - sewed triangles together
Saturday - nothing
Sunday - finished making blocks for double hourglass quilt (out of time); sewed two rows of blocks together
Monday - nothing

Although I didn't spend 15 minutes a day, I did spend more than 15 minutes on the days I did sew.  I'm hoping to finish the main part of the quilt top this week and get started on some other projects, maybe some Christmas gifts.

And pop on over to Kate's 15 minute challenge to see what other bloggers are doing this week, craftiness-wise.


seabreezequilts said...

I think it is the total that counts some times it is just too hard to fit more into a day.

Shay said...

I hope my Hourglass quilt looks as pretty as your when I finally get all the blocks done.

I think you did incredibly well this week...far better than I did !

Pat said...

You're moving in a forward direction that's what's important. Your quilt is going to be beautiful!

Kate said...

Love your hour glass quilt. Great progress this week. That's really what the 15 minute challenge is about, finding some time whenever to indulge your crafty side. Looks like you did good this week.

Myra said...

Your blocks are looking great Thea! 8-)

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