Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yesterday and Today

A year ago today, my Uncle Dick died (he was my mom's only brother).  Here is a picture of him, the way I remember him.

I am a little sad and a little mad at myself for not making a greater effort to see him when I lived on the east coast.  But you can't go back and things are what they are.


Marti said...

I know what you mean. Last year I went to the funeral of a cousin that I barely knew and I resolved to start visiting my relatives and dh's, at least once a month. But I haven't.

AMW said...

I understand completely. I lost my Aunt in June of this year, and wish I had seen her more.

Such a great picture to remember him by!

Shay said...

We all need to make a bigger effort to be close to family sometimes I think. Distance, different interests and life though all seem to get in the way.

Shevvy said...

We can't live with regrets - just be thankful for the time you had and treasure his memory.

Anna said...

I am just thankful that I got to see Dick and Mearlene those last three trips to Wilmington that I took.
At that time I hadn't seen them for years, llike since Howard died.