Tuesday, November 15, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - Nov 15

I feel like I did pretty well this week, thought you can't tell by the days.  Looks like only three out of seven, but I didn't keep records.  I'll go back to keeping track this week.

Tuesday - ??
Wednesday - ??
Thursday - ??
Friday - nada
Saturday - finished out of time quilt top
Sunday - made six nine patches for rocket man
Monday - finished rocket man blocks; sewed two rows together

To see how everyone else did this week, check out Life in Pieces.


Sara said...

I get that. I can remember sewing but I've got no idea what I did, and I never seem to have anything to show for the hours of work :/

Shay said...

Your total output for the week was pretty stunning though . You finished a quilt top if I recall correctly!

I never keep great records of what i did during the week . Im trying to this week!

Pat said...

Because the days just fly by, I keep a little journal, actually just bullet points, to record what I've done each day. Looks like you sewed way more than your 15 mins each day. Congrats.

Kate said...

Rocket Man looks pretty cute. I have to keep track daily or by Tuesday or I forget what I've done, so you are not alone.

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