Saturday, November 5, 2011


This summer, on our way back from Michigan.  We stopped at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Painted Canyon.  On the drive out, we drove over the canyon at night and it was pretty dramatic so we decided we HAD to stop on the way back.

 The two Pauls.


I don't know nearly enough about our National Parks; even the really big ones.  I learned, from when we went to Muir Woods National Monument, that it takes longer to designate an area as a National Park  v. a National Monument.  I have no idea how many National Parks there are in the US, but I haven't been to very many of them.  I think I will put something about National Parks on my 2012 list.


Katie said...

Bruce could tell you more DOI oversees the national parks.
I also have a mega book about them you probably have been to more than you think all monuments in DC are them and a big chunk of the Keewanaw is. I still need to visit one more new one to cross that off my list I am thinking that concord will do the trick.

Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

Oh I loved Painted desert, painted mountains. Isn´t it just awesome. I remember at lot of the national parcs in the States in I was always thrilled to see how th US tries to preserve that wonderful nature.

AMW said...

Stunning pics! Would love to visit this someday!

Shay said...

That's some pretty amazing scenery Thea.

Kate said...

It's amazing what richness we have in National Parks. It's just hard to get out to see them all! Great pictures.