Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pillow talk

I covered two throw pillows on Friday.  I used the leftover fabric from my pinwheel sampler quilt.  I'm pleased with them.  I'm also pleased to know that I could make other covers for the holidays if I wanted to.  I probably won't do it this year; but it's an option.

The following is another picture taken by my budding photographer.   (I don't mean for him to get the camera, but sometimes I forget to put it away.

Note Dad's feet ...


Shay said...

Love those throw pillows. I enjoy making pillow covers because they're fast and you can get really creative with them.

I think your grandson has talent with a camera. Little P got hold of mine recently and all we have is blurry shots of random body bits and scenes from round that house that are practically unrecognisable!

Kate said...

Very pretty pillows!

The budding photographer just has a unique perspective. Very fun photo.

Arlee Bird said...

I could sure have used a nice big quilt last night. I was so cold. Oh I know by cold standards it was not really all that cold here in L.A. but it sure felt cold and a big old quilt over me would have make me cozy.
Nice looking pillow covers.

Tossing It Out

Marti said...

I never think of using the leftovers for pillows, but it's a great idea. What I love about pillow covers is that you can store them inside the cover you are using. A plus for those of us who can't remember where we put anything. ;)

Katie said...

Look at you go! Yay Mikey. Is Robin back at home I thought she was still in chico?