Tuesday, April 3, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - Week 13

Tuesday - zip
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nada
Friday - got the giveaway from our most gracious host -- two quilt books; looked through them
Saturday - zilch
Sunday - went to JoAnn's; organized my project book (the binder where I keep the print outs of the projects I want to do)
Monday - went to another JoAnn's; found the flannel fabric I was looking for (and some other flannel too); made a small 4x10 patch

So yesterday was the only day I actually sewed at all, but I'm getting ready to start. I have a colleague I need to get together with to start her son's quilt and then there's my daughter's duvet cover.


Kate said...

Your week was a lot like mine, just not much going on in the sewing room. Hope this week is better.

Really hope you enjoy the books. Thanks for being linking up each week.

Shay said...

I think looking at gorgeous new quilting books counts as creating.So does shopping for anything craft related.

Quilting motivation is a funny thing isnt it? The way we all seem to ebb and flow ?

Sara said...

Good to see someone else finally listing shopping time as "progress"

libbyquilter said...

hang in there, you'll be back on track once you've completely caught your breath.


Marg said...

Your week sounds much like mine. A big fat zero! At least you had some nice new books to look at.


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