Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A to Z Challenge : "D"

I've been thinking about today's song post a lot.

The first song I thought about was Petula Clark's Downtown.  I remember really liking it when I was very young .. it came out when I was five, but it has no other special significance.

Then I thought about the Beatles Drive My Car or Day Tripper, but again, other than really liking them, there's no special significance (though I confess not all the songs I pick will be significant).

Then there's Donna.  There's the well-known Richie Valens version which is great, but I remember it being a Donny Osmond version.  When I was 12 or so my girlfriends and I were huge Donny fans (yes, this is time for true confessions).  One of these friends' name was Donna .. so, so unfair.  No one ever sings about Thea..

and then there are a ton of "do you" songs: do you know the way to San Jose, Do you really Want to Hurt me?, Do you Believe in Magic? Do you know what I know? Do you know where you're going to? (featured in the Poseidon Adventure).

However, in honor of some of my bloggy friends, I decided to go with Down Under.  

Btw, it wasn't until I read your blogs that I found out about vegemite.  I always though they said "a bite of my sandwich" not vegemite sandwich ..


Kate said...

I didn't know what vegemite was until Shay enlightened me. Great song. Has it really been that long since it came out? Well let's not go down that path!

Marg said...

Loving your choices of songs. I even know/remember almost all of your shortlisted ones. Glad you picked this one.


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