Wednesday, April 25, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - Week unknown

I am linking up this week just to touch base.  The only thing I did this past week sewing-wise, other than reading blogs, was to cut some of the fabric for the Byg* Duvet Cover for my YD.  I had good intentions for Friday, but ended up helping my husband all day Friday and then Saturday as well.  Basically I've been avoiding the sewing machine.  

In spite of doing almost nothing this week, I am linking up with Kate at Life In Pieces, in the hopes that this will encourage me to be more productive in the coming week.

*black, yellow and grey


Amanda said...

Ahh well better luck next week. All good just catching up, it keeps your toe in the water so to speak. We had a public holiday today so i did a few things.

libbyquilter said...

alrighty then, you've had a good break, now we're all expecting to see some discipline here next week~!

yeah, that's me being tough . . .

what i really mean is:
hang in there, we all have bad and good weeks.


Anna said...

Ah! Well I wondered what you and Paul were doing that you didn't have time to quilt. maybe this week you will get to work on the BYG quilt.

Shay said...

Not every week is going to be crazy productive. Look at me -I pretty much took a break for the last 6 weeks or so !

Back in the saddle next week (but only if you feel like it - sewing is meant to be fun - not another chore)

Kate said...

Sometimes that's the way it is, you just don't feel like sewing. I was that way for a while, but have been doing a lot better the last week or so. Hope the mojo returns.

Katie said...

I also did not quilt but I have a good excuse in that my kitchen in in every room of the house including the garage studio!