Saturday, April 28, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Okay, I just missed posting this on Friday, but I'll post anyway.  My favorite this week is two fold.
1) crossing something off my list (see item 16, here); and 2) finishes.

I finished reading The Hunger Games today.  I really enjoyed the book and am looking forward to reading the second one and to seeing the movie (hopefully tomorrow).   I read it on my Kindle (another favorite) and once a month I get to borrow a book for free .. can't wait until May 1.

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Check out other faves at QIMP.


Shay said...

I've not read those books but I may have to since there's a lot of hype about the movie at the moment.

I was only thinking today I should get out my list and cross some things off it !

Michelle Ridgway said...

It's great to have something great to read...haven't done the kindle thing yet. I have just got on to audio books. I NEED a list!!!

Kate said...

The Drama Teen had to read the first one last year for school. She's wasn't thrilled with the book, but really enjoyed the movie.

Marg said...

I;m still not sure whether I want to read it or not, but as you liked it I'm more inclined to try it and see.

Katie said...

WTG on that! I am way behind reading my 52 books. But I did start one Thrusday and I almost finished the Steve jobs book


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