Sunday, April 8, 2012

A to Z Challenge : "G"

My "G" song is from the Beach Boys' Endless Summer album and was also in Love, Actually.  Another one of those love songs.

My husband and I have seen the Beach Boys in concert like four times Several times for free in Washington DC on the mall and once with Chicago (not for free). Remembering those concerts reminded me of my first concert which coincidentally was also my first date. The concert was great -- the date .. hmmm. Anyway, Elton John was my first concert. I fell in love, so my second song for today is Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

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Angela said...

I love that song. I like your blog and I enjoy the letter for the day thing. I'd have to say my "G" song from the days is "Good Lovin' Gone Bad" by Bad Company. Love them. Hey come check out my blog. Its "my first concert n stuff n stuff" and I just kind of remember fun things. I think you'd like it. Look forward to more songs n stuff n stuff. Thx, Angela

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