Monday, April 9, 2012

A to Z Challenge : "H"

Today's song is from ... I'm having a hard time with this one .. of course if this is giving me a hard time how am I ever going to get through Z or Q or the really tough ones.

I was going to go with the Beatles, Here, There, and Everywhere, but I didn't like the YouTube videos. I decided to go with Help!

p.s. I love the Beatles.


Shay said...

Any Beatles song is a classic!

Katie said...

There's always Quadrophenia by the Who, Queen of the Night by Whitney Houston for "q" - I actually have 9 others however most you probably never heard of. "Z" however I have exactly nothing.

Kate said...

Have always loved this song. But boy it sure makes me feel old!

Happy Birthday, C.S.!!

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