Friday, April 13, 2012

Monsters and Angst

Last Friday, when I came home from work, there was a package waiting for me in my room.  When I saw it was from Australia, I knew it had to be Ernie.  Sara had offered to send him my way and I couldn't say "no".  He is just too cute.

I was so excited for him to arrive at my house. Isn't he the cutest?!  Anywho, what was really amazing was how he was packed and the other goodies she sent along with him.

This is what Ernie came in!  Sara's Angst Bag.  The bag is amazing! The bag is fabulous! I am in awe. When Sara is a world famous designer, I will be thrilled to say that I have an original! 

She also included some stubbie holders*.  

and some Aussie goodies!  I confess that I/we haven't tried the Vegemite yet, but I will, I will.  I had to ask for a recommendation on the best way to eat it.  I will be sure to let y'all know what I think. 

She included TimTams which I had heard of but wasn't even sure what they were.  After having tried them, I now have another reason to go to Australia.  I confess I was rather piggy and ate most of them myself.

Here's a picture of the whole package of goodies!  Thank you so much Sara!  What a wonderful, exciting package!

I took the bag to work today and my co-workers ooh'd and ah'd over it as well.  I didn't realize there was a tag on it until someone asked and we found it.


*I had previously referred to these as stubbies, but I was corrected.  They are stubby (or stubbie) holders.  I'll try to get that right next time.  Stubbies are cans/bottles of beer (so I've been told).  The holder keeps your hands from getting wet or cold and the can/bottle from getting warm from your hand.


Marg said...

If you really have to try the Vegemite, which by the way, I wouldn't if I was you, spread it really really thinly on bread and butter or on a cracker. You've been warned. Now Tim Tams, they are FANTASTIC, I would;t share them either.
Ernie and the bag look great.

Peg said...

What a wonderful package - that IS exciting! but I have to ask - what's a stubbie?

take the cake said...

They are not stubbies, they are stubbie holders, A stubbie is what australians call a bottle or can of beer, so a stubbie holder keeps your drink cool and your hands warm. Tim Tams should be kept in the freezer so no one finds them, they should be eaten frozen and alone, dont share them. The Vegemite should just be used for show and tell, its dreadfull, I dont eat it, it smells and tastes like axle grease, now having said that, I have a sister who has vegemite on toast and bread rolls everyday of her life. If you must try it, use it sparingly and good luck. Sara's bags are awsome, everything Sara makes is awsome, she has a talent and the skills to match. She wont be famous though because she is too lazy to put herself out there. Sad but true and I love her anyway.

Kate said...

Wow! Ernie is adorable! So is the bag!

Shay said...

LOVE Vegemite. I spread it about half an inch thick on everything. You're going to love it (Dont listen to all these naysayers !)

Nobody shares Tim Tams. They're best hidden and eaten in secret.

Sara said...

Oh man, I've been so busy getting over having a big weekend that I forgot to comment, and then I find out Helen's been dissing me. Sad face, even though it's true.

Even though they're called stubby holders, rarely will they contain actual stubbys, because sadly, stubbys (the glass bottle that is the same diametre as a can) are a dying breed. I have to make these in two sizes these days, for cans or bottles, because the bottles have gotten taller and skinnier. It's a shame.

Honestly, I don't really like tim-tams. One could say that's un-Australian, but since I sometimes eat vegemite out of the jar, I figure that makes up for it.

I hid the tag there so I could take a picture of the inside of the bag without you ever seeing that it had your name on it, and then I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the bag. Whoops.

Anna said...

I am so glad that you got a fun package for spring. I love getting and receiving packages.

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