Tuesday, January 17, 2012

15 Minute Challenge - Week 3 - 2012

I'm linking up again this week for the 15 minute challenge with Kate at Life in Pieces.

Here's how this week went ...

Tuesday - quilted baby quilt
Wednesday - quilted baby quilt
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nada
Saturday - quilted baby quilt
Sunday - zilch
Monday - finished quilting baby girl quilt

Though I only sewed on 4 out of 7 of the days, I did get some stuff done. I finished the baby quilt I was working on; organized my so-called stash; and I bought some fabric for my next quilt (for a baby girl).

Here's the new fabric.  I think I'm going to do the "disappearing nine patch" - (from Cluck Cluck Sew).

the fabrics for the quilt

the backing

And some fabric for my stash.

Here are some pics of the finished quilt, before I send it off.


Amanda said...

I think stash organising and fabric shopping count.

Anna said...

This is so beautiful. As soon as I finish the granny squares thing I am going to try quilting. My friend Gail has a really cool project that she is working on for a quilt.

Sara said...

Love the rainbow spot in an spot (the world needs more fluro fabrics) and the animals are damn cute. I think the kangaroo is my favourite.

Peg said...

Love that coin quilt. And those fabrics will make a lovely D9P!

Kels said...

I really like the new fabrics and backing for your next quilt!

P. said...

Love the way the quilt turned out! Looks like you've got some great fabrics pulled for the D9P!

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