Sunday, January 1, 2012

The List (52 things to do in 2012)

Here is my list for 52 things to do in 2012.  If you'd like to make a list and keep me and others updated on your progress, please feel free to link up.  I plan to check in weekly and provide a link so that you can check in as well.  Hopefully the link at the bottom will work.

If you can't come up with 52 things (I'm struggling),  feel free to come up with a different number and link up anyway.

I'm hoping that having others join me will give me the encouragement (push) I need to get more done than last year.  (I think I completed 19 out of the 52  (36% -- that would be great in baseball, not so much in the rest of the world but I'll try and do better this year).)

1. Get my passport
2. Go to Oregon
3. Visit a National Park (that I've never visited before)
4. Finish making Christmas stockings (four more)
5. try applique - done (sort of) - see picture of appliqued numbers on sweat shirt
6. take a quilting class
7. watch all movies nominated for best picture oscar : 1) War Horse, 2) The Artist, 3) Midnight in Paris, 4) Moneyball, 5) The Descendants, 6) The Tree of Life, 7) The Help, 8) Hugo, and 9) Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
8. Two weekend get aways with my husband (only one -- NY)
9. Make at least one thing for each of my children (and any significant others) and grandchildren (OS (finished ornament), MS (finished ornament), OD - pencil pouch, YS - Raiders Quilt, YD (duvet cover (not yet finished), DIL, Mikey (crayon roll), Andrew (crayon roll), Cooper (quilt & stocking)
10.  rearrange my bedroom - DONE January 2013
11. add another book to my Tintin collection (got five new books for my birthday -- I bought them myself but it still counts) - DONE

12. add another book to my Judy Bolton collection
13.  make Apple Galette

14. take a bike ride
15. make curtains for my bedroom

16. read 6 books - The One You Love, Caravans (James Michener), The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, What the Dead Know (Laura Lippman)(DONE)
I read a lot more than six books this year, including re-reading the Harry Potter books.  Good year for that.

17. Plant flowers in the front of the house (DONE 6/3/12)
18. blog more than in 2011 (DONE by 10/30/12)

19. make 9 quilts (I made 8 in 2011) 1) Coin Baby Quilt, 2) Disappearing Giraffes3) Sara's Bird Quilt, 4) Raiders Quilt, 5) Cute Animal Prints Girl Quilt
6) The Liberty Quilt, 7) Jeans Quilt, 8) Cooper's quilt, -- CAME CLOSE BUT ONLY DID 8 AGAIN THIS YEAR.
20. Use more fabric than I buy (stash report?) (bought more fabric than I used)OOPS.
21.  buy 52 - $1 items: plates (6), Napkins (2), gift tags (2), books (1) and clips (1), pattern, pencil pouches (3), Canning Jar (1), baby toys (2), Mouse Trap (1), Madeline in London, US map puzzle, yo-yo for boys stockings (2), -- running total 23 (12/26) (I HAD INTENDED TO GO OUT AFTER CHRISTMAS TO DO SOME SHOPPING, BUT NEVER MADE IT) -- I forgot I bought two pair of jeans for $1 each (one went into my denim quilt - so that makes 25 for the year).
22.  go to a new restaurant (DONE - went to Pho Vi Hoa with YD in April)
23.  go to the flea market (DONE - went on the first Saturday in April)
24. Go to a baseball game
25. Swim in the Ocean
26. Visit the Grand Canyon
27. Make fresh french fries

28. Spend an entire day in my pajamas (pyjamas)
29. Participate in NaBloPoMo - Done (missed three days I think) - DONE

30. Skype with OD - Done
31. Get pedicure with DIL, OD, YD, or KJ (DONE Memorial Day Weekend)
32. Do something different with my hair (either color or cut or ...)
33. See both of my sisters (only saw one :()
34. Spend time with my MIL

35. Visit I and W
36. do a quilt along
37. try a new ethnic food
38. make jerky
39. make ice cream
40. restyle something
41. go thrifting - DONE
42. Watch an NCIS marathon (DONE - 4th of July)
43. Use Gma's fabrics in a quilt (DONE - Sara's Bird Quilt)
44. Take a family picture  - Done - 2013

45. grow something to eat
46. run once a week (OKAY, THIS IS  BUST .. :()
47. rearrange/reconfigure my closet - done (but it needs to be done again)
48. organize my "stash" - DONE

49. karaoke (I really don't want to do this, but thought since I didn't do it last year, I should put it back on my list)
50. Wear boots or six-inch heels - DONE
51. Send Christmas cards
52.  Make a new list for 2013


Kate said...

Wonderful list, except for the 6 inch heels. That one definitely would not be on my list!

Katie said...

WTG making your list already I have been jotting mine down in my phone. I just got back to Indy and will have to blog it tomorrow I think.

Shay said...

Im still working on my list and may just have to steal some inspiration from yours !

I dont know if I'll be able to make 52 goals ...I'll aim for 25 . (Some of mine are year long goals so surely that counts as multiples)

If you tell me when you're going to do your pyjama day I'll do it with you too and we can Skype !

Marti said...

I must have missed this. I like your 52 things in 2012. I'll have to think about it and see if I can make a list.

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