Tuesday, November 20, 2012

15 Minute Challenge / 600th post

It's time again to check in and show how my week has been going.  I've pretty much been posting as I go this month so that makes it a little easier.  The NaBloPoMo has had me keeping up on my posting.

Here's how the week went.

Tuesday - quilted sporty quilt
Wednesday - tried to quilt sporty quilt
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nada
Saturday -quilted sporty quilt; bought fabric for the twister quilt
Sunday - nothing
Monday -hemmed curtains .. I'm only counting this because I want my week to look better.  the curtains look marginally better.  If I had spent a little more time, I could have made them look much better.  Just being lazy. I'll pull them down later this weekend and fix them.

I seem to only be able to do 3-4 days of sewing a week. I need to work on that.  I only need 15 minutes so I need to give 15 minutes.  I confess, sometimes I am choosing not to sew (mostly to watch TV or play computer games).

Anyway, check out Kate's 15 minute challenge at Life In Pieces.

I think that a 15-minute challenge post is fitting for my 600th post.  It is something I have been posting pretty regularly for the past year.


Logopaedchen/Kirsten said...

Congratulations on the 600th post.
I know exactly how you feel. I plan to sew everyday and only manage two out of seven usually. The rest of the days I end up with my kindle, TV or laptop.

lesleyworth said...

WOW! 600 posts, congratulations!! 3 - 4 is better than nothing!

Shay said...

Whoooo Hoo ! Congratulations on your 600th post. That’s something to crow about!

I have days where I cant be bothered doing anything except playing candy crush when I get home. I think thats alright!

Is anyone really going to notice those hems on the curtains?

Kate said...

Congratulations on your 600th post! That's pretty cool.

I need some help on the 15 minute thing too. I'm hoping the evening tired feeling will go away once I get used to the time change. That would help.

libbyquilter said...

congrats on the 600th post~!

i find it difficult to balance my computer time with my sewing time too but i can usually sew while watching t.v. so can almost always 'save myself' by doing that if i've gotten through the whole day without having put in my 15 minutes.

happy thanksgiving

Marg said...

Congratulations on 600 posts, wow.
I seem to either have a day of sewing or I don't. I never seem to be able to do just 15 mins.


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