Saturday, November 3, 2012

This little piggy ..

I didn't work on the new quilt today.  Last night I bought some flannel for the backing, white with small pink polka dots.  I also bought some really cute piggy fabric, red and white.  I think I'll make Cooper a quilt and use it for the backing. 

I did get together with a friend today to work on / plan the BYG duvet cover.  I need to add additional borders to the top -- I'm going to add 4 inches all around, and then I'm going to quilt it to the top of the old duvet cover.  She's going to take the duvet cover apart for me.  I think she's got the harder part.  I would never have asked her to do it for me, but since she offered ...

Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can find the fabric for my new quilt.  A blog friend suggested I get a little extra fabric, just in case, so I'll get one and quarter yards of each.  Better too much than not enough.


Marg said...

You can never have enough fabric in your stash.

Shay said...

Im a classic over buyer of fabric...I have to get twice as much as I need "just in case".

Marg gifted me a quilt cover Ive been meaning to pick apart for months. I think thats on my 2013 list!

Kate said...

Sounds like you've got a plan. Can't wait to see what you are making for Cooper and your fabric choices for your other new project.

and another birthday ..

Happy Birthday, Nevada!   I hope she's having a wonderful day!