Sunday, November 11, 2012

Short post

Again no pictures.  I basted Cooper's quilt and started quilting it.  I'm not sure I should count this in my quilts this year because it is so plain. I'll take a picture tomorrow.

I'm hoping it will be something he will use.  Right now he uses his brothers' quilts and I'd like one just for him.

This is going to be short because I want to go to bed.  tomorrow is an early day and I am going to the dentist and having blood drawn before work.

I got a thing removed from my face on Friday.  I thought it was just a skin tag, but the dermatologist sent it out anyway.  She didn't say it was just a skin tag .. probably nothing.


Marg said...

Short and sweet!

A friend of my sister in her late 40s had what she thought was a skin tag but the dermatologist called it a barnacle. She shouldn't have told us because now we make jokes about barnacles and whales.

Shay said...

I skipped over the D word.Hope that went OK. Im sure your barnacle...oops sorry skin tag is nothing to be concerned about.

Plain quilts have feelings too you know. Of course it still counts!

Kate said...

Cooper's quilt used fabric, so I think you should definitely count it.

Hope the skin tag was just that.


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