Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Grocery Shopping or Mary had a little Lamb

Okay, so this is a weird thing to post, but I was going to join with Mrs. Pyjamas and Little Miss Sunshine for their Pinterest Challenge (aka Survivor: Kitchen), and their second meal was supposed to be this, made with lamb.  I didn't think there was lamb in our grocery store, but I was wrong.  Here are the pics of the lamb (imported from New Zealand).  I think there were about two packages in addition to the ones I photographed.

Anyway, for various reasons I decided not to join up this week (not the least of which that this is Thanksgiving week).  Mrs. P asked me about lamb prices here so I thought I'd show her just was it looked like.  It seems to run from $5.49 to $7.99 a pound -- but as you can tell the selection is rather limited. 

Since I've been married, I have never made lamb so I'm going to have to do somethoing about that.  I may just have to make the challenge meal (I heard it was great)!


Shay said...

OK ...your lamb roast is expensive. You can pick up a lamb roast here on special for about $4.10 per pound. Regular price would be just under $6.00 per pound.

I think you'd like lamb and I hope you try it at some point. I have a great recipe for kofta that would be perfect for your lamb mince.

Marg said...

Ooh that is expensive compared to here. Hopefully you can join in next week.

Kate said...

Lamb is pretty much absent from our grocery shelves in Oklahoma.

Peg said...

Lamb is a favorite in this house, but only for very special occasions, for obvious reasons!

Happy Birthday, C.S.!!

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