Tuesday, November 27, 2012

15 Minute Challenge

Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nada
Thursday - zip, removed sewing machine from dining room
Friday - zilch
Saturday -  cut fabric for twisted quilt
Sunday - cut more fabric for twisted quilt
Monday - finished the quilting on the sporty quilt

I'm just wondering how many different ways there are to say "nothing" since that's about all the sewing/crafting I'm getting done these days.

I did finally do something productive last night, after dinner, dishes, a Hallmark movie, getting a Christmas tree, and picking the YD up from school.

Here's my new sewing machine set up.


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Katie said...

Way to make it work in the bedroom. Anne of green gables not my first fiction book but one of 2 I think. I rarely read fiction although perhaps I should more because it goes faster.

Shay said...

You could start using foreign languages to say "nothing". That would be kind of cool.

I think you're being way too hard on yourself. I know how busy your life is !

Kate said...

How to say nothing, that would be a good topic for a future 15 minute challenge.

Hope your new sewing set up makes it easier for you to work in some sewing.

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